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Clayton is a naturopathic medical student in his final year of clinical education. With a past career in the public health field he is passionate about both community wellness and health policy in addition to one on one clinical practice with patients and families. Graduating in June of 2021, Clayton intends to begin a practice in primary care with additional focuses in pediatrics, geriatrics, digestive and hormonal wellness.

6206 SE 52nd Avenue

Portland, OR 97206

tel: 706-391-0623

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Navigating this site you will find further information or Mr. Leaders (soon to be Dr. Leaders!) past education and other passions that he has pursued.

When not caring for patients or seeking to further his medical career Clayton enjoys acting as a musician through jazz drumming and guitar, hiking and backpacking, gardening, cooking, rock climbing and spending time with his dogs.


Providing quality medical care to the families of the community as well as the underserved refugee and immigrant populations of the New England area.

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To employ culturally appropriate methods of care for ensuring respect and sensitivity for patient needs while developing treatment plans, care coordination, and social support for individuals and families going through transition and hardship.

Core Values

  • Cultural humility: Approach cultures with understand of personal need to be educated.

  • Community engagement: Understand that it takes a village to make the difference.

  • Resourcefulness: Funds and resources are a give and should be cherished and not wasted.

  • Trust: Mutual belief in one another and a common goal is essential for best outcomes.

  • Transparency: Openness and willingness to share in all aspects of operations ensures bonding between all involved.

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